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In this video I'll show you how to live stream on YouTube on your mobile device, if you're new to the Channel, please go down below and consider subscribing.

And once you've done that, please go down below and clearly, if you like and now let's go and jump straight into this guide just a quick note.

This guide is going to work on all types of mobile devices and phones, including iOS, Android tablets, it's all going to work and I'll be showing you two different ways of how you can go and stream on YouTube.

And one of them will still work.

Even if you don't meet the eligibility requirements.

So the first part I'll show you how to stream on YouTube is the more traditional way so open up the YouTube app and go and press on the Plus or create button in the bottom of the YouTube navigation bar.

And then what you need to do is go and press on go live just like so.

And then as you can see, in this case, it says to me, your channel does not meet our our updated eligibility requirements for mobile live streaming.

You can still live stream with your webcam or broadcasting software so press, OK and close off of YouTube.

So in this case, we need to go and get some software for our phone to go and stream as it just said there so go and open up the app store or Play Store.

And what you want to do is go and search for an app with streamlabs.

Now, streamlabs is a really popular app, especially of the desktop version so go and download it and then go and tap open just like.


And then here we are as you can see it's going to run you through everything so press next you then need to go and choose what you'll primarily be using streamlabs for.

So you can either go and stream your camera, or you can stream your games.

In this case, I'm going to stream my camera then go and press next, and you can go and choose the layout.

In this case, I recommend going for the default one, because you don't really know what you want to customize yet until you used it a bit then go and press next again.

And in order to go live, we need to go and enable our camera and our microphone.

So I'll press OK for both of them.

And here we go.

We should now be pretty much there, I, don't want any notifications.

And here we are on streamlabs I'm going to quickly run through how it all works.

So in the top left, we've got this, um, two bars here, that's going to go and open up your account settings.

Then in the top right, you can go and choose which camera you want to use.

We've got front camera back camera and the ultra wide one.

And then we've also gone and got the scene button to the right of that button in the top right where we can go and switch scenes, I'm not going to.

And then at the bottom, you can go and flip your camera here I am here, and then you can also go and mute yourself.

And then on the right hand side, you can go and view the chat and the event list.

Now what we need to do is go and connect our YouTube account to this.

So we can go and stream.

So in order to go that go and press go live just like so.

And then, as you can see, we can see all of the accounts we can go and connect.

In this case we want to use YouTube so to the right of YouTube, we can go and Press login just like so and then you'll need to go and sign into your Google account so I'll sign into mine now.

And then once you've signed in, you can then go and choose which channel you want to go and live stream to what's really important is in order to live stream.

Even if you have zero subscribers, you need to have verified your Channel with your phone number in order to go and live stream I'll quickly show you how to do that.

Now so I'm going to close off the streamlabs and open up my browser.

And what you need to do is type in, just like I'm doing right now, just like that and press go then you'll need to go and sign into YouTube, just like you did on streamlabs.

And here we are.

We should now be on the YouTube studio and make sure you go and request a desktop version of the site.

And once it loads, you need to make sure you selected the correct channel.

So in this case, I want to go and and do it to my channel.

Um tutorial example, this one here so I'm going to tap on it just like so.

And then once you've selected it come to the bottom left and go and press on the settings gear, icon, Cog in the bottom left then select channel on the left hand side and move across and tap on feature eligibility.

And then what we need to do is come down to intermediate features.

And as you can see, mine is eligible, but not enabled which is which we need to make sure it's enabled as you can see I'll press this downwards Arrow.

We need to go and have this enabled in order to go and live stream, otherwise you can't live stream.

And all you need to to verify yourself is enter your phone number so go and do that now.

And once you've verified your channel, then you can come back to streamlabs and now I've already verified, my channel tutorial, Tucker 2 so I'm going to use that channel there, I'll tap on it just like so I've now gone and connected it.

Now, all you want to do is close off of this just like so, and this is mainly it guys.

Now, all you need to do to go live is press.

Go live just like this.

We need to go select the platform I want YouTube.

And then we've got three different options here about events to be honest.

You probably don't already have an event set up so just click on create a broadcast that starts immediately.

And then we can go and name this I'm going to name this hello or Hi.

And then just press done then press, go live.

And now we're actually going live as you can see the wheel is circling and boom, there we go it's going to take a moment to connect as you can see, it says connecting, and then at the top it's going to start the counter.

And then when you want to stop it, just tap on your screen press, stop confirm.

You want to stop broadcasting again, press finish and then it's going to keep circling and then it's going to go and end the stream for you.

And if you get an error message saying, the user is not unable for live streaming.

This means you haven't gone, unverified your account with your phone number as I just showed you so make sure you go and do that.

And then it should work.


How To Live Stream On YouTube On Phone (Without Requirements) - Go Live On YouTube Mobile? ›

To live stream, you need to have no live streaming restrictions in the past 90 days and you need to verify your channel. To create a mobile live stream, you need to meet the requirements. On your phone or tablet, open the YouTube app. Go live.

Can I stream using my phone? ›

There are a number of apps that enable live streaming for mobile devices. Some live streaming platforms have their own apps (for example, Ustream has a mobile app and so does Facebook), which can only be used to stream to that particular platform.

Why can't I stream live? ›

Check Your Internet Connection

So, if you want to live stream regularly, upgrading your Internet connection to faster speeds is a must-do. It's typically better to have more internet bandwidth than you'll need. The more devices that you have connected to your network can also affect your broadcast.

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