When Karens Get What They DESERVE.. #24 (2023)


When Karens Get What They DESERVE.. #24

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Today, we've got some of the most crazy Karen's and Kevin's known to mankind, diving straight in.

We have this racist Karen, yo, yo, yo, keep it going.

Keep it going keep on going? Yeah, have a good night have a good night have a good night later, y'all stay out of tick.

Tock back this.

Next Karen starts accusing this young couple of stalking her.

Even though she is the one following them.

Can you just let me know how it works like I I've been targeted for it and I'm like a good person and I have like people like you doing that to me all day like what wait who's the organized stocking? Can you like tell me what it is like how it works? At least what are you talking about just tell me how it works? It's organized stalking harassment.

People do like little tactics to harass and bother.

You all day long and people get paid to do it.

Like you guys are doing girl.

You need mental health.

Yeah, that's.

What that's what they tell you to say all right? Thank you is that is that that's not going to work when you get detained in the store for doing it.

Yeah, I have a Ciara who will detain you for that.

And ask you some questions about it.


So don't ever do it to me again, I'll have you detained and arrested? Her are you saying that because wait wait what that's what they train you to say, right? Yeah, I'm gonna have a sheriff come in here question, you and detain you for that.

Do it what these people are organizing? Stocking have fun.

You're I, got your license plates.

Girl, you need mental help.

You need help you're, mentally insane.

Stop calling.

Your dad go to the police station.

Oh, my God where's that position it's by the coffee it's, pretty no.

She didn't hit my grandma's apart.

I'm going back to Target I have her license plate.

Stop Karen's.

Think they know better than everyone like this one who thinks she's saving an animal, but it actually needs sunlight.

Scammers are everywhere.

But when you mix it with a Karen like this next one, it is just complete stupidity.

This is real.

You sold me a knockoff purse, slander me and say, this is I will see you you can't sue for anything that wasn't told it's, not real.

This is real baby.


Give me my refund and I'll leave.

This is Royal to me you're, calling me a liar.

I know what I was told in Atlanta I got the receipt at home.

Okay, that's.


You slander me, that's, right? You sue, you sold me a knock off I didn't, tell you this I sold today.

This is your story.

He works for you.



This is.

This is his store.


Look on the wall.

Okay? Or whatever.

This is not myself.

Okay, is this my store? Julie? Okay, where's my bags.

So if you call me, uh, uh, she continues on complaining and raising her voice at the employee.

If you slander me, you have to look up the definition for slander and defamation and libel and know, the difference I used to work for an attorney that bag is a knockoff.

The wall I'm, not I can go back and get proof from Linux as to what they told me yesterday.

They don't tell you keep it thrilling, no, the only way they can is if you leave it to get it, hot, stamped that's, the only way because they won't hot stamp, anything that's not authentic.

They won't have said anything without a receipt.

No, yes.

They will actually, yes.

They will call and ask them I know what I was told I know what I was told I bought it from Louis Vuitton.

So it looked like to me.

You just wanted a bigger bag.

No it's, the same bag.

I have the receipts to it I, even sent a copy to it.


A knockoff they're, not the same bag, there's, two sides of sugar.

I know, there is I looked at them.

Well, I'm, just telling you that wallet is real.

So when you tell that it's not, and you attach my name to it, you just better, get ready to buy me about ten thousand of those I'm, not buying you anything.

And quite frankly, you shouldn't sell stuff that's, not my store.


What are you here for the I? Throw him? The wallet he called me this morning and said, you said, the wallet was, yeah, because that's what Louis Vuitton told me that's not him.

It is not fake okay, you're incorrect on that you're incorrect, you're calling me a liar.

Yeah and I have the receipt.

You are.

You are very much a liar.

Because if you have a receipt, the receipt will match that number.

Okay, then you won't have a problem, but I gotta find it.

But let me tell you something right if I had to find that there's a record at Louis Vuitton, no matter how old it is.

The lady told me that.

Well, let me tell you I can call her and find it out.

Well, then find it out because the ownership always stays with him unless you sell it with a receipt.

And that person has it trained, we'll call them and see call them and find out that I already documented everything I don't care.

You just wanted a bigger bag thought was it I didn't want a bigger bag.

I didn't want to spend money on a knockoff.

You got a bigger bag.

That's all I was you couldn't afford it? My wallet wasn't really prepared for the chamber and everybody didn't know, y'all, yeah, I have everything in writing pictures and I did a video Karen's, always believed they're, never in the wrong.

Well, this next Karen, definitely finds out that not everything goes your way I was pulling in my parking complex.

And this Karen pulled up after I already started pulling in.

She wanted me to back up all the way into the street.

Even though I was here.

First, yeah, the leasing agent asked her to back up because they were viewing the camera and saw she sped to the entrance to stop us from getting inside.

The neighbors also asked her to move.

She then lied and said, I tried to bust her window and get inside of her car.

She refused to talk to the leasing office for over 45 minutes after an hour.

She finally decided to back up having your Karen live in your neighborhood must be stressful.

Yeah, called the police.

And um, can you stop harassing us? Please because there's, no harassing you in my car looks like because you park your car here and you're not supposed to dude.

She just came from work, she's, unloading and she's leaving.

She doesn't that car was here this morning.

When I left I was not she had to work.

Okay, you know how bad the parking is here that's? Why we're supposed to park in the streets, there's, no parking.

Well, then you walk down a ways and Parks I I should I should have somebody just bring your car just scrape the whole side of it.

You know, I feel like you're harassing us right now.

I, don't, really appreciate that I don't give it up because I don't, because the homeowners has sent you notices against us because the whole neighborhood Parts their car and I have pictures of them it's, not true of your your car in front of your house.

Yeah, for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, you know, what it's going to be here, overnight I, don't care, they're, coming out.

I, never come to you and harass you.

But it's, always you that have problem? No you have somebody else in this neighborhood.

Okay, everybody else there's.

Nobody else in front of her house for about 15 minutes.

She does that at night time, well, you better move it.

And you did it overnight, wait till the cops come here and then I'll move.

It move it anymore.

This Kevin tells this guy off for parking in a street, even after he told him what he was doing there, you're going to paint at the tanley's house, I said, there's, no tanleys that live up the road.

I, didn't say, timely I said, Chandler, Tanner, hey, man, look, I'm, working up.

Bro, I, can't, go to work.


So this is a private drive right? It's.

A dead end it's one way in one way out so why the would I be going this way if I ain't had no business it's.

A good question, are you bored or something? But I live here? What's your name, what's, your name, that's, cool.

So I'm gonna I'm gonna text my neighbors up there.

Yeah, matter of fact just follow me follow me to the house that's.

What you do come on.

Hey, come follow me.

Follow me to the house real quick I had people work at my house, and they can always tell me who's, the name of the person I'm, not working at your house, though so come follow me real quick.


Follow me now we're live streaming me or something you gonna be on the internet in a second.

Hi next.

We have a Karen that continues to come back to the store.

Even after being told every time, the same thing like can you explain it to me again, make that was my friend? Can you get your camera off me? Oh, no.

I'm I'm.

Not with the camera on you can I can I make sure you're not recording me.

How would you do that? Huh? How do I turn your phone because I don't like being recorded man all right? Can you stop recording me? Okay, um, I'm.

Sorry, I.

Don't mean, to be like this can I have my big boss in here.

Okay, okay.

Thank you.


So I looked online and I thought it was like a two four, um, a two, four, three, um deal like, um.

What was it called like? Um the bundle deal.


So they said, like you can get a McDouble or a McChicken or a spicy McChicken or a like a fry.

And then you know, it's, it's all of them on the category of two for three.

So I, just wanted to know if I could get a spicy McChicken and a McDouble for two for three.


But I normally do two McChickens.

And they normally give it to me for a two for three, no, okay, because that's how I do it at the other McDonald's in Highland.

And this is just the McDonald's in Highland.

So I'm like real confused or a hot and spicy with a small fry.

Why does not the menu say that? And then you know, I looked at your menu and y'all mean, you only have the hot and spices don't even have a fry or a McDouble on it.

Okay? Did you know that? Oh, you come all the time it's.

The same thing it doesn't change Karen being rude to a customer service employee could land yourself in this exact same situation.

Here you go no eyes.

Oh, you don't want no eyes I'm.

So sorry, bye.

This Karen loses the plot after politely being asked to get out of the store now that's.

What we have a problem don't do this is my point.

My point is you? You don't give it that's, fine.


Now fine get out of the store.

Karen's never know how to mind their own business so you're, it doesn't matter if I live here or not it's, none of your business, but it's, none of your business, though we can sing here, ma'am, but you okay, but you don't know what I'm doing you don't know exactly but that's.

It it's.

None of your business.

So it's, your business.

You own you built the property are you kidding? I.

This is funny.

This is crazy.

This is your you own this property.

You pay rent here.

Ma'am, you pay rent here.

Man, you pay for these Gates.

Yeah, I know, it's, insane, insane to try to do this.

Why don't you go, you know, what is funny? I, don't care, I.

Do you don't know what I'm here for and it's? Not my place to tell you either? Okay, hi.

Ma'am, she's, not letting me in she's acting very crazy, she's, literally, she literally came up to my car.

It would not let me in the complex I, literally exactly you look stupid.

Now you exactly you look so dumb.

Now, ma'am, you are crazy as hell.

Karen tries to convince people that the Monster Energy Drink is actually satanic there's.

A gap right here in the letter M, it's, never connected.

So you go into Hebrew.

The letter VAV is all the number six short top long, tail, short, top long tail.

You could have here in Hebrew 666 on the Canon.

But my interest is the word monster.

What do you see in the oh there's? A cross okay.

What has Christ got to do with an energy drink? Let alone the name Monster so I thought? Well, maybe this is a Christian company then BFC at the bottom of the can do you know what that stands for, in fact, they write it on the side of the can so I know, that's the f word.


Now, do you know what a MILF is? Yes, that's on the box, MILFs, dig it, and you will too moving forward.

We have this Karen who tries this worker out for racism, even though it's completely out of his control Karen posted this hoping to convince social media.

This is racist because is that it was done with Community memories, I, don't know, how many black people? Well I'll, tell you what I'm not recommended by myself, wow, that's, right? Why? Because I couldn't help myself enough a problem.

It seems like this.

Next Karen was walking in to start a problem.

Thank you accusing someone for stealing something they never did is a bit far, especially when you don't have proof, but Karen's definitely show otherwise I, don't know, this guy, um, excuse me.

But uh, if you don't turn that camera off I'll have you arrested in front of you I don't think we can please don't touch it.

Sir, excuse me.

You can't, you can't, touch the camera.

You can't, touch the camera.

Okay? Okay.

We'll leave.

You just shouldn't touch.

The camera that's all I'm saying, I want the stuff that you put in your pants.

My excuse me something in there I didn't, take any excuse me, I didn't, take I, put my microphone.

I, put my microphone.

That's it.

This is I would never take anything from a store I saw you pick up a pot, a pack of something I didn't.

Take anything I would not steal it's time.

Sure I'd appreciate if you're in please my name, my name, yeah, little Peach.


What PJ? What is your actual god-given, TJ, Patrick, Jones, that's.

What I'm asking what's, yours, it's, Ben, what's, your last name, no shut up.


Your friend him, Sebastian.


So I will I'm going to ask you this come on into my office.

No I think we'll just leave I think we'll just leave.

Oh, you touching the camera I think we can follow charges on that too.


We literally can this is our property.

Yeah, hands to ourselves have a good night.

No, no.



Just taking 30 pictures per second.

Great, I.

Yeah, we'll think about it paying for your meal for the full price is very normal, except Karen's.

Think that there's a rule where they can pay less or even get it for free, hey, man, please quit yelling I'm, trying to enjoy food.

Don't worry about it 100 worth of food.

Yeah, my daddy owes.

This Corporation, this Karen wasn't expecting for this guy to talk back.

My boyfriend ran into a Karen at Walgreens.

Well, guess what now you're inconveniencing everybody behind you I don't really care.

Yeah, oh that's obvious.

That's obvious, ly seems to be a common occurrence with your your age group.

It seems like this Karen doesn't care, how racist and rude her remarks are funny privilege because she's coming for us.

Whatever that thing is stay away from her son, that's, all she said, no.

The whole point is that you have to be six feet away.

And then you want to be racist.

Stop stop.



Just crazy.

No we're, not no you're being the crazy.

One right here.

Yeah, don't be talking to her like that.

Yeah, you're being crazy can I ask.

You can I ask, excuse me can I ask you why you hate me just because I'm wearing a hood, skirt, no I'm, actually wrong.

It's just privilege, I, didn't, I, don't know why you hate me, I, didn't do anything I'm trying to protect the females.

The guy recording just acts like he has done something wrong.

And that he deserves to be removed from the store say that again, repeat that for me, you're, not welcome in our store for what reason there was a plane against you I'm.

Sorry, sir.

What complaint all right is that that is that it are you are you walking away? Now, I don't understand okay, bike riders always believe they have more rights than anyone else.

But getting mad at delivery drivers, parking in the lane to pick up some deliveries.

Yeah, that's a bit harsh.

So he's blocking the bike lane two children in Chicago have been killed this week on the street, biking and scooting.

We have asked him to back up and he refuses to move.

And he is laughed and gone to lunch.

And this is a bi-directional bike, lane, meaning cyclists come in this direction and in that direction.

And it there's not a lot of bike Lanes in the city of Chicago, and he is blocking both of them.

So we are asking him to move.

It is illegal to block the bike lane, uh to back up.

So when he comes back from lunch, maybe you could help him back up because it is unsafe for him to be driving in a bi-directional bike lane.

And it sets a very unsafe precedent for everyone.

And it also makes people not safe to bite through this bike lane.

Yes, I am absolutely right.

Do you? Do you think are you making it? Yes, I.


This is actually we are making mistakes.

Absolutely because this is not okay anymore, because we are standing our ground, and we are not allowing this to happen.

Oh, it's.

Your job make him move.

Please can you help him back up? Can you help him back up? Are you making it better as well? Yes, absolutely because we are not allowing this to happen and continue any longer you're saying that the only way that you can do your job is to block this bike lane.

Did you want me to park after this? Well, that's great, you'd rather people in bicycles, and they continue on complaining, even with cops there don't call me.

Okay, I'm here to rectify.

So all y'all to be quiet we're, gonna just rectify the situations and figure this out I'm, not here for you to argue and debate your opinions every day too.

We were trained up with respect, somebody hit somebody hurt yourself.

Okay, I wish I could be selected by these lives.

I cared about I don't, get that I have to care about everyone's.

Life, I have to respect everyone's life.

Everyone in this country does I think that someone gets to accept themselves from that.

I'm gonna foia request United, States, Postal, Service and find out what document training materials he's referring to that tells him to do this, because I think that's.

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